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Local Radio and Sunshine Symphony 

Although we didn't all study music in college, it's clearly our individual and collective passion. Several of us dabbled in college radio, and a couple of us have worked in radio outside of school (except Ricky - I really think he needs his own radio show).

I have spent time on the airwaves of many of the Lehigh Valley's local stations, 100.7 WLEV, Cat Country, WZZO, B-104, and WAEB-AM. For a while, I also volunteered at WDIY, a local public radio station that hosts NPR news but also other local programming, including classical, jazz and adult alternative music. WDIY is extremely supportive of local music and musicians.

It was a pleasant surprise to learn that our bassist, Tim, in addition to being a home-brewer and stand-up bass player, also hosts The Blend from 1-4 p.m. on Thursdays. One thing that we've discovered about Tim is that he likes and listens to a huge variety of music. He can bang out some complicated Metallica bass riffs one minute and throw in some jazz or 70s soft rock the next. If you really want some insight into what makes Tim tick, check out his shift on The Blend on Thursdays.

http://wdiy.org/people/tim-kerrigan - Tim's page on WDIY.
http://wdiy.org - Listen live (top left of the page)

The Blend on WDIY features local music, some excellent new music, Americana, folk, and even classic rock/classic country or even classic alternative artists. It's really a cool way to spend your afternoon. Enjoy!

Peace, Love & Rock n Roll,
Christine Bainbridge, Sunshine Symphony