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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if you or one of your band members is sick the day of our wedding? We will always provide you with entertainment on your event day. If someone has an illness severe enough that they can't perform, we will call one of our trusted substitute performers to assist us. Also, in our contract, we've written in a "Key Performers" clause that ensures that our key band members are present at your event, or your money back. Thankfully, this is a very rare occurrence, but we do have a back-up plan.
  • Can you tell me about something unexpected that happened at a wedding  at which you performed, how did you handle it?  At one wedding, we had a relative of the bride and groom ask if he could do a presentation and borrow our microphone. Once we checked with the bride and groom, and they said no, we told the disappointed relative that there was no time. We let him down easy and everyone was happy.  This is your day, and you call the shots.
  • Have you ever performed at our venue before? Are there any issues we should know about it? If not, what sorts of things will you need to know about it? We've performed at many weddings in the Lehigh Valley and Pocono regions. Please check our Vendors list to see if we've performed at your venue. We pride ourselves on our ability to work well with any venue and their requirements. Usually, we'll need to find out where their power outlets are, and what time we can come in and set up. We always bring extras of everything -  extension cords, power strips, cables so we're prepared for anything.
  • Do you have any equipment needs such as tables, chairs, lighting or linens? No. We bring our own tables and linens. We have black or white linens. We also bring our standard LED lighting package which includes 2 4-spot fixtures for the dance floor, four stage lights and our innovative light-boxes that support our speakers.
  • Are set up and break down times included in your rate? Can we add additional time the day of the wedding? Yes, and yes. We include set up and break down as part of our price. You are absolutely welcome to add extra time at your event. We would expect payment for extra time to be rendered at the time you add it. These details are all spelled out in our contract.
  • What do you see as your role in the wedding reception? We take our role as your entertainment seriously - we want everyone to be yelling for "one more song!" at the end of the night.  We will provide the ambiance and atmosphere, perform your favorite songs, and gauge the crowd and make sure that everyone is having a great time at a not-too-intrusive volume. What we WON'T do is micro-manage you on your day. We work with the best venues in the Lehigh Valley, whose professional reputations depend on their ability to keep weddings moving smoothly and without incident. Leave the music to us, we'll leave the coordination to your venue. 
  • What will you and/or the band wear to the wedding? We usually wear black pants, black jackets, black ties and white shirts (and for Christine, a black dress) to your wedding event. However, if you're having a more casual wedding, or would like us to wear something different, please let us know how we can accommodate you.
  • Do you have references that we can call? Yes, we have many positive references attesting to our abilities that we are happy to share with you.